Common Issues

The AC Runs Constantly

When your Bay Area air conditioning system is running constantly, it’s an indicator that something is wrong. Try changing your filter to ensure that your system is pulling enough air. The problem could also be a faulty thermostat, and replacing it will correct the issue.

The Air is Not Cold

When the air is not cooling down, the issue may be that your system is low on coolant. This is not a job you can fix yourself, but it is one you can avoid by investing in annual maintenance and tune-ups. If you have your air conditioner tuned up every spring, then low coolant levels will be checked ahead of time and you won’t have to pay for an emergency visit.

No Power

This is commonly a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. Check the breaker inside the house, and check the fuse panel next to the air conditioner. If these seem to be working properly, then call for service to see what the problem is.

Ice on the Lines

One of the most common AC problems is that the lines will start freezing. This is likely to happen if your filter is dirty or the outside coil is buried under a layer of dirt. Clean your compressor at the beginning of the season and change your filters monthly to avoid this